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    Company Background: 13:13

    Our Story

    While attending college, this company’s founder married his high school sweetheart and together they started in humble conditions (living in a basement rental). Happily ever after, right?

    Well, not exactly, like many young couples just starting out they soon were up to their necks in bills. He realized early to embrace his plight and turn a negative situation into an opportunity for change. While others his age were dreaming of a new car or just a decent job, he committed to learning all he could about real estate and developed several investment formulas that he put into practice that altered his life forever.

    By the time he had completed college, he acquired 12 homes, and then doubled his portfolio every year. At the young age of 31 he had already amassed more than 500 homes. Now he is sharing his wealth creation secrets with those who want success and are willing to follow in his path.

    Why Invest In Real Estate?

    Real estate is and always has been responsible for creating more millionaires than any other investment vehicle. You probably heard of someone, perhaps even a family member, friend or work associate that’s made a lot of money in real estate.

    Today’s real estate market is one of the best wealth generating opportunities of our generation. More real estate fortunes will be made now than at any time in recent history. Today’s market is the best market opportunity of our generation. Investing in other assets such as stocks, bonds, commodities and precious metals rely on the principle of “buying low/selling high” to be profitable. Real estate investing has additional factors that increase overall returns, including:

    • Cash Flow or Rate of Return
    • Federal Tax Benefits
    • Leverage of OPM (Other People’s Money)
    • Principal Paydown
    • Appreciation

    Use Your IRA or 401(k) To Buy Real Estate

    Have you ever considered using your IRA or 401(k) to buy real estate? Did you even know you could?

    Since 1974, IRA and 401(k) account holders have had the option to control the ways in which their retirement monies are invested, including real estate, tax liens and other alternative assets. Because the investment is made on behalf of the retirement account (just like the IRA investing in stocks and bonds), the acquisition is made without triggering a taxable event.

    When was the last time you looked at your 401(k)? Is it adequate to support your retirement needs, or are taxes, debt, inflation and a under-performing investments keeping you poor?

    What Makes This Company Unique?

    You can talk about the theory of “DOING” real estate, or choose to have real estate “DONE FOR YOU”. While most programs out there are in the business of “up-selling real estate education, ” this company actually DOES real estate for you. Less than 1% of the people who purchase real estate educational programs actually become successful real estate investors. Doing real estate right is time consuming and requires a team of professionals with a lot of expertise.

    This company is unique because their Power Team of over 200 Professionals does all the heavy lifting and hard work for you!

    Anyone Can Make Money in Real Estate

    Let me qualify that. A current myth suggests that you need huge amounts of money or good credit to be successful in real estate investing. The truth is, with the right knowledge and resources to execute a well defined plan, anyone can make money in real estate. That’s where we come in.

    With no prerequisite skills in real estate investing, the average client of modest income purchased 1.89 homes per year last year. No matter what your financial situation is, they can develop a financial “Game Plan” specific for you to make a 5-Figure Monthly Income and become a successful real estate investor.

    Take The Next Step

    I invite you to explore this website and discover how this program can help you achieve your goals.

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  • What We Offer

    Positive Cash Flow for Life: 16:13

    Experience Expert
    Hands-Off Real Estate Now

    Watch the video to discover how Strongbrook’s Power Team of over 200 real estate professionals does all the “heavy lifting”, helping you to create Wealth, Freedom and Positive Cash-Flow for Life!

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  • Strongbrook – In the News

    Colorado & Company | 9NEWS: 09:20

    Denise Plante Interview
    with Kris Krohn

    Colorado & Company or “COCO” is a local magazine-style show that airs live in Denver and across Colorado on Channel 9, KUSA-TV from 10-11am on weekdays.

    Denise Plante is an Emmy Award winning, talented, upbeat, television and radio on-air personality. COCO is the place to learn about Colorado’s best companies, the services and products they offer and the people behind them. In this video you’ll see her interview Kris Krohn – Co-Founder & President of The Strogbrook Group and author of the top-selling book, The Strait Path to Real Estate Wealth.

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  • What People Are Saying

    Real People, Real Results: 03:32

    Testimonials From Our Clients

    “By the time we bought our first property, we had a renter already to go, and she loves the house, and it’s a positive cash flow already for us.” – Lynda R.

    “I now actually do and transact real estate. Instead of trying to do it all myself, I’ve got a company that does it for me.” – Karen S.

    “They direct us and help us in every step of the way.” – Michael & Margaret D.

    “I’m able to say, “Yes, I’m retired and I have cash flow” – Dan L.

    “We have 14 properties and we’re getting our next property next month and our plan is to just keep going. We are ecstatic.” – Shanna S.

    “Once you get a home and you see that money coming in and you’ve been struggling to make it month-to-month, you’ll say, “It’s worth it.” – Richard B.

    “I’ve purchased thirty-one homes substantially below market value using Strongbrook’s Strait Path System. In two years the equity position in these homes has improved our net worth more than I ever thought we could.” – Matthew K.

    “The hands-on learning and mentoring clearly set this program above all the others. Another program we were looking at was extremely expensive and full of hype.” – David A.

    “My previous experiences in real estate and investing have involved a lot of time and disorganization, and the results have been very poor—losing my money and my extended family’s money. My eyes opened wide when I saw that Strongbrook’s Strait Path real estate looks at the big picture and has minimized my time, effort, and risk while providing superior returns, independent of market conditions. My wife and I are really excited as we prepare for our future, help our family, and care for others.” – Dennis N.

    “I’ve always dreamed of investing in real estate, but lack of money and knowledge prevented me from fulfilling this dream. One day I received a letter from my insurance agent recommending that I attend a seminar hosted by Kris Krohn about investing in real estate. I was intrigued with this prospect and attended the seminar. What I learned there further interested me. I met initially with Kris and others, and, in spite of my limited resources, they helped me buy a house and also helped me lease my prior residence. So, my dreams are beginning to be realized.” – Venna Dee M.

    ”I was introduced to Strongbrook’s Strait Path system through my brother-in-law…my wife and I refinanced our house and used the equity to invest in another property. That investment is the start of freeing ourselves of retirement concerns. I was a brokerage trader for years and had not seen anything quite like this. I don’t wish this to sound over the top but the return on that home alone I feel is practically like printing money, so what’s not to like? Everything has just gone great.” Bill O.

    “Mike has been in the same telecommunications career for twenty-five years, and our retirement program has all been focused on 401(k)s and annuities, which has never worked out well. We’ve been looking for better investments. We heard some great things about Strongbrook’s Strait Path system, so we went to a presentation. What we heard was very exciting and it just felt right. One of the things we like best about the system is the help it gives to those purchasing homes. Everyone is a winner with this system.” – Mike & Tracy H.

    “I started in the financial planning industry about four years ago and was immediately bombarded with different investment strategies and products, though most of them were not economically sound. When I found out about Strongbrook’s Strait Path real estate system it fit into my business because of the economic principles that are found in the process.” – Garen W.

    “To hear how Strongbrook’s Strait Path system lays out real estate investing in black and white really changed my whole way of thinking. I’ve been extremely disappointed in our 401(k)s and traditional retirement products and strategies. I feel like we’ve been fed a giant lie, and Kris Krohn really helped pull the veil from our eyes.” – Aaron W.

    ““I had a little bit of real estate experience before I met Strongbrook, but when I attended a seminar and heard Kris speak, everything just clicked and made so much sense. We’ve bought two homes so far and everything is going great. We have two excellent tenants who treat the home as if it is their own. I love the fact that this system has allowed us to help these great people.” – Steve P.

    “One of the fantastic benefits of Strongbrook’s Strait Path system is the mitigated risk. With one of our investment properties, the buyer-tenants we had were unable to continue with the purchase of the home. The down payment they had made towards the house was enough to cover several mortgage payments if it came to that. Luckily, we were able to find new tenants within the month, so we only had to cover one mortgage payment with that reserve down payment. The new buyer-tenants were able to invest even more to build immediate equity. They have been fantastic and are making improvements to the home while working towards ownership. They are planning to attend classes to prepare them for successful home ownership. This system really reduces risk for everyone—including tenants.” – John & Diane

    “Being first-time investors, we’ve definitely had some insecurity along the way. After talking with Kris and others in the program, we have been able to develop a more complete and long-term perspective of real estate investing that has helped us feel more secure and be more optimistic. Being involved with this group has already changed our lives. We now live in a much nicer home and have changed the way we think about money and investing. Our money management has improved and even how we carry out our daily activities has changed. The idea of investing is now real and happening for us and we have a great hope for a very bright future. With this program we have constant mentoring and support from very expert and successful investors. Also, our investment properties are in the local area, which makes it much easier to manage. Our children are watching us as we do the program and learning the concepts of money and investing. We have great hopes that they will be able to lead a much better life than we have so far.” – David & Kelly

    “I have been a landlord for a couple of rentals for the last five years. Last December, one of my renter’s leases was expiring on December 31st, so I decided to try Strongbrook’s Compassionate Financing program. I hired Strongbrook REIC on the second week of December to sell the contract, and he had it sold and the contract closed by the last week of December. I had a new tenant before my old tenant’s lease had expired. Not only that, but the contract included $7,000 down payment, and $1,550 monthly payment, which gives me $400 positive cash flow. During my previous days as a landlord, I was constantly involved in the maintenance of the property, which required A/C and plumbing repairs, lawn maintenance, snow issues, etc. My renters were calling me all the time. Since converting my rental property to Strongbrook’s Compassionate Financing, I not only have positive cash flow, but my total communication with the tenants has been nothing but two text messages in seven months. They are on track to purchase the property at the end of the term, which will give me enough equity to expand to more properties after that. I have the double blessing of working as a part of the Strongbrook management team, and being a client using their system.” – Tyler Bennett

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    Strongbrook REIC
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    Discover How Strongbrook’s Power Team Can Build Your Wealth and Turbo-Charge Your Retirement Cash-Flow Through Real Estate!

    Your Personalized Game Plan Will:

    • Develop a custom 5 to 10 year plan to true financial freedom
    • Reveal how easily you can create positive cash-flow for life
    • Uncover ‘Hidden Assets’ you may not know you already have
    • Accurately predict whether your money will outlast you or not
    • Offer 3 actionable ‘right-now’ options to secure your retirement

    Click the button below to learn more, then schedule your FREE game plan consultation today! There’s absolutely no commitment. Nobody will come to your home, the Game Plan interview is done 100% over the telephone, and at a time that is convenient for you.*

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